About Us

Taking Action

For almost 40 years, Rev. Lou and Beverly Sheldon have been the voice of traditional family values within the halls of government. The Sheldon's have worked consistently in an effort to maintain the Biblical principles that have been the cornerstone of America and its foundation.Traditional Values Coalition-Education and Legal Institute represents tens of thousands of churches to educate and inform voters on how to take action and make their voices heard.  We do this to protect religious freedoms by exposing legislation that opposes traditional family values.    

Educating Voters

Now, more than ever, we are continuing the fight to maintain your rights under the Constitution of the United States to do  and say what we believe is morally right.

Standing Up For Your Rights

With The California Voter Guide and Newsletter, you will be empowered with up-to-date information as a voter with the knowledge needed to make a lasting moral impact on public policy.